The Urban Lumberjack is a Mississauga based company that uses local and reclaimed woods to create art and home decor. What sets us apart is that our artist is the arborist that has been with your piece every step of the way. From climbing and removing a standing tree, to milling logs, down to the final touches of the artwork; this method ensures that almost every new art piece will have only been through one set of hands when it reaches your home. We specialize in custom artwork that fuses rustic and modern, while emphasizing the beauty of our local trees.  

The company artist and arborist, Melissa DeCiantis started woodworking as a teenager and her small projects design and custom piece work came together after going to college for forestry and arboriculture. Living in the Kawartha Lakes for seven years exposed her to the beauty that can be found on our Southern Ontario woods. 

Melissa started the brand name, The Urban Lumberjack, in the summer of 2015 when her pieces started to become more popular in the greater Toronto area. Later that year, The Urban Lumberjack began to attend small artisan markets, opening doors to larger opportunities like the Green Living show in Toronto.

The purpose of our brand is to find beauty and art in rustic and reclaimed local woods. We are happy to customize a piece to your specifications, including custom pictures, sizes, woods and writing, to help you bring this style of artwork into your home or cottage. 

Melissa DeCiantis

Melissa DeCiantis